Hi there. I'm Maggie.

Wife to the best British guy I know. Mom to a busy toddler.

Self-taught Home Renovator and Scandinavian design lover.   

I've had a camera, well a couple, in my hands for over 10 years taking pictures of life around me. I even photographed our way through Europe during my high-school years (turns out the Piazza Novana in Rome makes a great place to practice.) I've found a renewed love by photographing interiors. I love to see a room styled just right and capture it perfectly on camera. 

In the last few years, I've jumped headfirst into the world of Home Staging. With constant design education and hands-on practice, I work hard to style each space and make every home look it's best! Thanks to the popularity of shows like Fixer Upper (I can't be the only ones drooling over those before and afters, right? ) most buyers are looking for that "finished" home look, they want to be WOW'd!


So I've decided to merge these two passions into one business.

My goal, simply put, is to make so-so spaces look beautiful and modern. 

Every room can be improved and by highlighting the best features of a house, staging attracts more buyers and helps to sell homes quicker. #win-win

Professional Home Stager and Photographer in Wilmington, NC

"Beautifully staged spaces that appeal to the modern buyer "

Professional Home Stager and Photographer in Wilmington, NC

For the realtors who need to sell more houses. I work to make sure the property looks its best and stand out in the sea of MLS listings.

For the local builders who want to showcase a brand new construction home. I can't wait to make that new house feel like a home. 

For homeowners anywhere, who are ready to get their house sold. I'm here to help stage and style what you have, to appeal to the most buyers.

I believe in community and the results that come from people doing what they're passionate about. For me, that's getting a killer before and after picture :) So let's get your home to The Final Stage and get it sold. 

Ready to get started? Click here to fill out a form and tell me about your upcoming listing!