5 Easy ways to add Curb Appeal

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

These are five, super simple ways to add curb appeal. When buyers drive up to their potential new home, you want to WOW them! You want them to know you've taken care of and loved your home and they will too. And it starts with the first impression....The exterior!

WELCOMING FEELS Keep the front exterior porch lights on. Place a new welcome mat at the front door. Make it feel welcoming to these potential buyers and help them imagine coming home here.


Remove and replace any dead shrubs. Rake and collect leaves and yard debris...Dead tree limbs and branches. Edge and weed beds, and place a new layer of mulch on all beds. This is key and looks so clean and fresh for pictures and showings!

CLEAN UP YARD Remove all children's toys or consolidate them in backyard. Remove water hoses, yard ornaments, birdbaths and small fencing. Smaller items show up choppy in photos. Most buyers are looking for a move in ready home, so show them this one is ready!

FRONT DOOR UPDATE Give the door a Fresh coat of paint (and shutters if needed). Install new front door hardware. It's amazing what a new coat of paint will add to the curb appeal.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER Keep the lawn cut, all shrubs trimmed, and walkways clear and swept. Park cars away from the house, so the buyer can have a clear picture of your property when coming to see it! First impressions only happen once.

Remember curb appeal will show up clearly in photos of your listing online. So get it looking fresh and move-in ready to attract potential buyers and leave them wanting to walk through the whole place!

*** Happy House Selling!


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