8 Easy Staging Tips for any Kitchen- That actually make a difference

Updated: Jan 11

Before staging any house I ask: What unique features are buyers going to miss when they view this house empty?

Then I create a Strategic Staging plan to highlights that home's features 🙌🏻✨ So today I wanted to share my go-to Staging tips to use with almost any kitchen.

+ Always, always style built-ins. One historic home we staged in downtown Wilmington had a built-in coffee bar with glass front cabinets above it. We made sure to fully style the shelves to draw your eyes to them. Old historic homes are notorious for built-ins but some new construction homes have it as well. Weather open shelving or a bookcase, adding some strategic decor can help draw attention to it and make that feature easier to remember.

+ Less is More! Keeping our kitchen decor simple and minimal let the house details truly shine - like these white shaker cabinets and classic subway tile backsplash! All the heart eyes for this cute but trendy new build home!

+ Clear Countertops. Clean off counters (or pack up) any small decor as it tends to look cluttered in photos. Especially clear the top of cabinets as it only visually shortens the room and doesn't add any value. Leave only 1-2 groupings of everyday items on the counters (think: coffee maker/ grinder, or toaster over/cookbooks) Hideaway as much as you can to keep the kitchen looking clutter-free and ready to be used! If you find yourself with lots of items you aren't using, that's a great start for packing!! Pack up a few boxes of kitchen items and move to a storage unit or out of way in your garage.

+ Clean like Company is coming over. (spoiler: they are!) This one seems obvious to some but should be applied before pictures are taken AND before every showing! Clear the sink of all dishes and I even suggest hiding dish rags, sponges, and hand towels. A small caddy under the sink works great for this! If you have stainless steel appliances, use a microfiber cloth to clean off all fingerprints left behind. Lastly, if you have any glass door cabinets or large windows in the kitchen be sure those are sparkling as well.

+ Switching Hardware. Changing cabinet hardware (brushed nickel is most popular right now), swapping the kitchen faucet, or replacing an old light fixture is an easy update that requires very few tools. These changes can usually add visual value and refresh the space!

+ Avoid small rugs. This may be a case by case basis but I usually avoid small rugs when staging kitchens (and bathrooms too) as it tends to break up the floor.

+ Repaint the walls! If it's been a while since your kitchen got a new color on the walls this could be the best time to do it. Repainting an old tired color can instantly refresh the whole space. And usually can be tackled in a single day depending on the size of the kitchen. Check out my post here for my go-to neutral colors

Wooden Kitchen barstool at eat in kitchen. Staged kitchen with cleared countertops

+ Lastly, Show off that eat-in Kitchen. If you have a kitchen island with a bar or an eat-in kitchen, make sure you include the appropriate size barstools to show off that feature!! Most buyers right now are looking for that open kitchen/dining floor plan and will remember it more if it's been staged with the correct barstools.

I hope some of these tips are helpful and inspire you to get your kitchen looking Pinterest worthy for those showings. Did you know- I keep some Pinterest boards dedicated to Staging and Styling ideas I love?! If you’re needing some more inspiration, check them out here

May your sell time be short and your offers a plenty! :)