Client Recap: Guest Room and Office Mood Boards

Updated: Jan 22

Happy Wednesdayyyy! I just wrapped up a set of mood boards for clients and wanted to share them here since I'm can't be the only one who loves a good mood board!

Room 1: Guest Room


-Refresh and create a cohesive space. This room had been a catch-all of furniture and needed to have a mature look and update.

-Room needs a dresser for guests to use on longer stays!

I designed with neutrals in mind. Pops of black and some muted shades of blue since this space is in a coastal town. The black + brass Modern Dresser makes a strong statement in an all-white room! Throw in some of your favorite blue throw pillows from Home Goods or Target to complement that abstract painting.


Room 2: Home Office


-Update the home office with a masculine feel while still matching the neutral color palette of the rest of the home.

-Keep only the desk chair (similar shown).

-Also add storage that is visually interesting.

Again, no surprise I designed with neutrals in mind but tried to steer away from the greys that have taken over the design world!

I suggested a bold wall color with added wood accents for warmth. You could also stick with a grey if you wanted to keep the room feeling light. Work has to get done in the room but also relaxing and some video games so we had to have some comfy choices!

The pop of color can be added with these fun Etsy Beer prints

There you have it. 2 mood boards delivered. Which one is your favorite?

If you need a refresh for your space reach out here and we can get started!

All boards are created uniquely for each client based on color + style + budget

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