Client Recap: Staging Consultation + Photography Shoot in Wilmington

I'm excited to share a recap of a client project where I consulted and then returned to take pictures as well.

The Final Stage was hired by the realtor, we worked with the homeowners who had lived there for many years to help get the house looking it's best and t sell as quickly as possible.

During our original walk-through we toured every room in their 1200 sq ft condo to decide how to stage their furniture to make each room look its best or some small updates they could make to improve the home. With any consultation, I leave them with custom notes and an overview of everything we discussed. I returned a little over a week later so get some photos of their space and was amazed at what a few small changes can do!

Best practices we used for getting this home ready to sell: -Cleared all surfaces

-Tone down any boldly painted walls. Especially in the main living areas!

-Clean like company is coming for pictures and showings

-Hire a Real Estate photographer to get high-quality photos (the before phone below is a perfect example!!)

The single change with the biggest impact by far was the sunroom. The artistic green wall color needed to be neutralized to appeal to a wider audience of potential buyers. The room was also filled with things they loved and used but was starting to make this small space feel cramped, one side table was even hindering the back door from opening fully.

After painting the walls to match the rest of their home and removing several items from the room helped to open up this room and create a spacious feeling overall. Check out the before and after!

I'm so happy to report these homeowners sold this townhome in about a week FOR the asking price! Here's what they had to say about working with The Final Stage:

"Your photos were gorgeous and was a major factor in our house selling in 8 days. We even got our list price. Thank you for using your gifts to bring out and display the soul of our home. You are the best!" -Randy, Homeowner

If you have a listing and need a consultation, reach out to me here HERE. I work directly with the home-owners to help them understand the impact of strategic staging and how to make the home look its best!