Elements of a Bold Boho Design

Hi friend. You know me, short and sweet. Let's jump into the good stuff! I'm sharing some of the design elements, textures, and ideas I used in the Bold Boho design at Cheeky Monkey Coffee Shop.

1. First and foremost, we wanted a Nomadic interior with lots of Travel Vibes- This means drawing from inspiration from my own travels around the world along with hours of scrolling on Pinterest. Think Parisian cafes, secluded Greek Islands, Costa Rician Rainforests, and Historic even riverfront buildings found in Charleston and Savannah.

2: Next was choosing (and sticking to!) a Jewel Tone Color Palette.

These colors are anything that could be a gem. Think emeralds, rubies, amethyst, and sapphires! Picking just a few specific colors and weaving them throughout the space makes it feel cohesive and ultimately helps the design to work together.

These shades of greens were pulled from the wallpaper and the red and orange tones can be found in the huge exposed brick wall that runs along the length of the space.

3: Can't forget some Natural textures!

It feels like everyone and their mother is throwing this phrase around, what it means is textures or elements that occur naturally in our world. Think natural baskets, live plants, stained wood, and even concrete floors are all great examples. I personally love the exposed brick, copper framed menu, and leather bench all working together in the space.

4:Bold Moves.

Last but not least is including some big bold focal points. For this space that looks like the fabulous greenery wallpaper on the back walls and the oversized postcard artwork on another wall. Both of these bring lots of color into the small space and work to grab your attention.

Classic bohemian styling *can* sometimes start to look like a lot to my minimalist nature, so I chose just a few big focal points rather than a lot more little items here and there.

If you're local to Wilmington, NC or just need a reason to travel somewhere new, you can visit the shop located downtown at 124 S. Front Street.

Website is here: www.CheekyMonkeyCoffee.com

or Follow on Instagram @CheekyMonkeyCoffeeCo for lots of yummy pictures of coffee

I think that's it for now! Do you want to see more of these blogs? Breakdowns of popular styles or my own take on things?

Thanks for reading,