Too many shades of Grey?

Ever walked down the paint aisle and got *quickly* overwhelmed by the number of paint options. You're not alone.

Toning down bold colors (bye-bye burgundy walls!) is a smart move when getting your house ready to list. This easy update can help a listing appeal to MORE buyers. Neutral walls create a blank space for them to imagine any color they want. Or make it easier for them to imagine themselves living in that space. Think calm and welcoming, that's what you want buyers to feel as they walk through your listing. And can does just that.

When they stare at bold walls, they mentally get overwhelmed at the work it takes to change them and then start to find *other* things they don't like about the house and move on to the next! Eeek. No thanks!!

That's why I'm sharing my go-to, most popular paint options, that I've personally used and loved!

Nuetral walls can also serve as a great back drop for some fun accent pieces in the room. With calm color on the walls, feel free to add bright accessories to really pop in pictures!

-Keep in mind-

Sunlight varies from room to room, so the color may look a bit different on the walls. However, most of these are ones I personally use time and time again and love!

Happy Painting!


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