What is Home Staging? And Why It's So Important When Selling a Home.

For those that like to get straight to the point (high-five yes) here are a few points about what home staging is and is NOT. If you're like me and want to read more on the why's, keep reading til the end where I continue to break apart these points a bit more in-depth.

Wikipedia defines Home Staging as this:

"Home staging is the preparation of a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money."

Pretty straight forward right? So here's a few points I want to make clear- What Home Staging is :

✅It's a marketing strategy used by motivated home sellers and real estate agents

✅A Home Staging plan can highlight the best features of the home and therefore attract more buyers and offers.

✅Studies show staged homes sell 88% faster according to realtor.com.

✅Home Staging done by a professional includes a thoughtful furniture plan and style design based on the location of the home and the potential buyers for that area.

What Staging is NOT:

🚫Hiding, or covering up serious and harmful issues with a home. (No amount of staging can hide some ugly stains in the carpet or a leaking ceiling my dear)

🚫Deceiving buyers into purchasing something other than what's shown

🚫Some faux plants and cheap furniture thrown together to make a "living room"

YOU ONLY MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION ONCE ​If you're a realtor, you know better than most: in this digital age world, Everything is online first, so first impressions are more important now than ever!! In fact, most online house shoppers make up their mind about a listing in less than 60 seconds. So naturally, a well-lit room with inviting furniture will leave them wanting more - a walkthrough! With the popularity of things like HGTV and Pinterest, buyers expect to be impressed. And most buyers are wanting move-in ready! They want to be WOW'd. ​ Staging helps potential buyers easily envision themselves living in that space and the lifestyle that can come with that home- open living concept, indoor/outdoor seating, and room to grow!


Stagers will use specific techniques to highlight the home’s architectural features. ​ Say you have a room or nook that is oddly shaped, staging lets you demonstrate that it is still a room that has value. That square footage has value! A desk with accessories and an appropriately placed bookshelf immediately suggest the area would be the perfect work from a home office. ​​ ​ Staging adds visual value to any listing. In fact, studies show buyers are willing to overlook problems (money loss) with a home if it's staged.


Did you read that right? Yes, you did. Results have seen that staging a listing can make you more money, and in my opinion here's why: ​​ The dreaded price drop. *dun dun dun* ​ The average cost of a complete staging is usually much less than your first price reduction. Plain and simple. ​ And since staging can lead to a quicker sale, it keeps your listing from sitting on the MLS for months on end (with multiple price drops- yuck).

Here at The Final Stage, we offer two ways to help, depending on your budget or listing. If you're local to Wilmington, NC, and want to work with us, reach out via the contact form to get started! Vacant Home Staging where I stage the most important rooms -Entry, Kitchen, Living, Dining, Primary Bedroom, and Bathrooms of the house with appropriate furniture in a cohesive design style. (you never have to list a shell of a house again...yay you!) Pricing is based on the total square footage of the house. ​ Or a Staging Consultation where I walk through an occupied house with the homeowner, room by room, and decide on the best layout and staging using their own furniture (great for the budget-conscious realtor...yay you!) I create a detailed checklist of what to do before photos and showings so potential buyers can see the very best of a house. Every time.