I see you. Frustrated. House isn't selling and you're not sure why. It's priced right, in a desirable neighborhood but no one has fallen in love with it yet..

Maybe the amazing view is getting misses or no one can see past the burgundy walls.

Or worse, it's empty-ness echos the steps of any possible would-be buyers when they walk through. 

As a realtor, your business is to list homes and get them sold. Sooner rather than later right? But you've noticed pretty homes are easier to sell. Maybe you're reading this and wondering just how helpful staging can be.


Here's my take on why staging can make SUCH an impact

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You know better than most, in this digital age world. Everything is online first, so first impressions are more important now than ever. In fact, most online house shoppers make up their mind about a listing in less than 60 seconds. So naturally a well lit room with an inviting furniture set up will leave them wanting more - a walkthrough! 


With the popularity of things like HGTV and Pinterest, buyers expect to be impressed. And most buyers are wanting move in ready! They want to be WOW'd.

Staging helps potential buyers easily envision themselves living in that space and the lifestyle that can come with that home- open concept living, indoor/outdoor seating, and room to grow! 



Staged homes sell 88%

faster and for

20% more!

*according to Realtor.com


Homestaging can play an important role in highlighting the best features of any home. 

Say you have a room or nook that is oddly shaped, staging lets you demonstrate that it is still a room that has value. That square footage has value! A desk with accessories and an appropriately placed bookshelf immediately suggest the area would be the perfect work from home office.  


I'm always restyling rooms to look better, even with my personal homes. Every home is different and can look better –even multi-million dollar homes. My goal is to make your listing show the best it can, attract the more modern buyer and sell at the highest price.

Staging adds visual value to any listing. In fact, studies show buyers are willing to overlook problems (money loss) with a home if it's staged.

Studies show

buyers are willing to overlook problems with a home if it's staged.


Did you read that right? Yes, results have seen that staging a listing can make you more money, and here's how:   

The dreaded price drop. *dun dun dun*

The average cost of a complete staging is usually much less than your first price reduction. Plain and simple. ​ 

And since staging can lead to a quicker sale, it keeps your listing from sitting on the MLS for months on end (with multiple price drops- yuck). 

I offer two ways to help depending on your budget or listing. 


Vacant home staging where I stage the most important rooms -Entry, Kitchen, Living, Dining, Master, and Bathrooms of the house with appropriate furniture in a cohesive design style. (you never have to list an echo-doomed shell of a house again...yay you!) Pricing is based on the total square footage of the house. 

Or a Staging Consultation where I walk through an occupied house with the homeowner, room by room, and decide on the best layout and staging using their own furniture (great for the budget-conscious realtor...yay you!) I create a detailed checklist of what to do before photos and showings so potential buyers can see the very best of a house. Every time. 

Great staging helps buyers fall in love with a home.


And make an offer.